Inauguration of the first shop Flori de Ie

Cristina Chiriac, fondatoarea Flori de IE, împreună cu Gabriela Montoiu, fondatoarea Romana

After its virtual appearance at the end of 2014, Flori de Ie officially inaugurated, Sunday, March 29, 2015, her first shop in the largest mall in the capital city. The event is conceived as a traditional evening during which the guests will be able to rediscover the spirit and authentic Romanian values. One of the most important moments of the evening will be the musical recital of folkloric inspiration, performed by Nicolae Voiculet, one of the greatest Panpipe players in Romania.

The traditional patterns were brought to present day interest and gained new life in this shop, Flori de Ie.

In a minimalist décor, completed with some design elements of folkloric inspiration, the clients may find, on the one hand, traditional gossamer embroidered blouses – unique items – from the collection Flori de Ie, some of which are 100 years old, collected from all regions of the country and whose authenticity has been assessed by an expert in ethnography, and, on the other hand, a new series of embroidered blouses using older patterns.

Gabriela Montoiu, fondatoarea Romana, împreună cu Maestrul Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica.
Eli Roman, Amedeo Ene şi Rosianu Andreea la Flori de IE.
Ellie White, la inaugurarea magazinului Flori de IE
Ie cu flori stilizate, originară din Muscel
Cristina Chiriac împreună cu Maestrul Nicolae Voiculet
Silviu Prigoană, la inaugurarea primului magazin Flori de IE
Liana Stanciu, la inaugurarea primului magazin Flori de IE.
Cele mai autentice concepte de design se împletesc cu țesăturile moderne, prin creațiile designer-ului Angi Ghimpeteanu.